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Bylaws of the Banneker PTO

Banneker PTO Bylaws

Meeting Minutes


January 17, 2023

Attendees: Lisa Glikbarg, Laura Gomez, Shirlina Mann, Stormy Ballard, Megan Bloom, Katie, Morgan Labate, Kaalyn, Ashley, Christina

Treasurer update: $10,314 balance as of last time checked.

There is a PTO state fee that we have no paid. We need to re-register the PTO and pay the fee so that we are up to date.

Valentines dance is coming up. We decided as a group that parent(s) are needed to attend the dance with their children so that someone is accountable for them.

In April we have the 75th anniversary party. Mr Carter will be leading this event. We will all support him and help out as we can. He will bring the dollar amount request to the PTO and we can vote at that time on the budget. Unclear if this is a PTO sponsored or school sponsored event. Katie has volunteered to work closely with Mr. Carter on behalf of PTO and provide detailed information on the event.

End of year potluck event – Need to vote on this as we have so many events coming up the next few months.

Someone mentioned the 5th grade have an end of year pool party that is usually funded by the PTO (rent pool & provide food). This has not been mentioned to us for this year yet, but something to be mindful of with budget towards the end of year.

PTO board re-election is coming up. This needs to happen next month.

Valentines Friendship Party: We will be charging a $5 entry fee. The only other thing that we will be charging for is if someone would like to purchase a rose(s). We will not charge for food. Those who would like to contribute can bake cupcakes to be served at the party. Possibly popcorn/cotton candy?

December 15, 2022

Attendees: Lisa Glikbarg, Shirlina Mann, Stormy Ballard, Cy Acord, Elise Bour

Superintendent operator came by the school. Between St Luis community and NAACP we have to preserve the building.

Add new building and update current was the decision made. We need to influence what “doing something” means. We need to influence the Reno and how that happens.

Vote on Reflex and IXL – do we want to continue? Unanimously voted yes, in favor of continuing these programs.

Turkey Trot – People have still not paid what they pledged to donate from the Turkey Trot. We don’t want to go to individuals and request that they donate what they pledged, however some people may have simply forgotten and may appreciate a reminder. We will put one reminder in the weekly newsletter and then move on with what we received from the event.

Giving Wall – People have signed up and have not brought in their items. We need to make an announcement for the items to be turned in today. They are being distributed to teachers tomorrow. We also need to order 15 additional gift cards for $15 each (unanimously voted “yes” to approve the gift cards for teachers) Elise to purchase gift cards and be reimbursed by PTO.

After school sports club – Will likely be $85/child 8 weeks. A flyer still needs to be made for this.

Holiday Cart – 745AM Friday December 16. Stormy will help Cy and Elise and also will be handing out the gifts from the gifting wall. Drawing will be live later during the day for the winners of the Giving Wall drawing. Mr. Carter will do the drawing.

November 28, 2022

Attendees: Lisa Glikbarg, Laura Gomez, Shirlina Mann, Elise Bour, Stormy Ballard,

This coming Saturday (December 3) is the Middleburg parade.

The Giving Tree is coming up. PTO members are coordinating this, with Storm Ballard in the lead.

Wednesday after school we will start decorating the Giving Wall. Need teachers to respond to wish list for the giving wall donations. Signup Genius needs to go out to parents but at this time we only have 7 items on the wish list.

Katie has tickets to donate if we end up doing an auction for fundraising.

We have limited consent from parents for direct contact from PTO.

Gift cards went to Mrs. Warner to support kids in need in our community.

Holida cart is coming up – Elise leading, Stormy will assist as well as be handing out teacher gifts from the giving wall this day.

Mr.Moss is ready to go on the after school P.E. He needs the PTO to create a flyer with signup info. He also needs to speak directly with PTO in regards to start date, times, tax liability, etc. This is a PTO sponsored event. Megan B is happy to make the flyer once all of the details are nailed down.

Lisa G motioned a vote on the high school scholarships for $1000. Unanimously passed.

Treasurer update:

last check went in $620

Balance almost $11000, this does not include the funds coming in from the Turkey Trot.

Stormy had a great idea of school supply boxes over the summer. Laura can help out with this as she has done it before. Action item: Mr. Carter to take this idea to the teachers of each grade level to see if they are all ok with the supply boxes. Supply boxes are to be a fundraiser that takes place over the summer. Could potentially partner with another school/PTO to get a better discount on boxes.

3 times to vote on:

Valentines Dance in February – voted yes unanimously

Silent/online auction (possibly to take place at a brewery/winery) voted yes unanimously

Plan a committee to start planning the 75th Banneker anniversary party – voted yes unanimously

Need to look at budget before planning the 75th anniversary party as well as the end of year party. We need to include Mrs. Tutti before moving forward in planning these items and get her input and suggestions.

We need to make sure we send out opportunities for parents to volunteer for these items and not only the individuals who make it to the PTO meetings.

Mr. Carter/principal update:

Meeting tonight about the building/reno project. Another meeting on 12/5. Decision will be made on 12/13 whether to build a new building or renovate the current building.

Another meeting next Monday, which will be a follow up work session. Mr. Carter is coaching people to just ask for all options to be kept on the table. Only one option was presented Something needs to happen, not nothing. We need to make sure our voices are heard. 30% of the people he has spoken with want a Renovation. There are groups of people that are not invested currently in Banneker and their voices are being heard. Big decisions will be brought up in the meeting tonight and we need to be loud. More things happen in between board meetings than actually at the meetings. Can Lisa, as the PTO president, send out a formal meeting invite for those making this important decision to come and see the school? Possibly as a follow up to the meeting tonight.

No concrete detail on what will go into the “blue boxes” in the plans they have sent out. Also no concrete detail on their plan for the students during the renovation if that is the option they decide on.

checking for water line flow to find out if they could run water to the trailers, this seems unlikely.

Action item: invite school board to evaluate our building before the decision is made. Remind them that we need world class facilities which we do not currently have.

Action item: Email to Mr. Carter weekly from the PTO (sent no later than Saturday) for the PTO corner in the weekly newsletter.

October 25, 2022

Attendees:Lisa Glikbarg, Laura Gomez, Shirlina Mann, Elise Bour

Banneker construction Team: Need to know what the teachers want. Upcoming meetings are 11/28 & 12/5. We need to submit written letters to the administrators. We need to assure ALL options are still being considered.

Fall Hike with Mr. Moss: Looking at November 6. Possibly Hollow Hill. 9am?

Bake Sale: November 8. Cakes/baked goods needed. Fundraising for 4th grade field trip to Jamestown.

Banneker Scholarship. In the past the PTO has given $1000. Need to vote on an amount for this year. Possible $500-$1000.

MSAAC volunteer needed. This needs to be put in weekly newsletter.

Spirit Wear: Looking into Cheers. Possibly Ron Patella. Need to confirm Logo as this may have been updated.

Turkey Trot: Drew Bishop is running the Turkey Trot. Date was unknown at time of this meeting.

November 16, 2022 Lisa Glikbarg made a motion to give Mrs. Warner $500 in gift cards for children in need for the holidays. Shirlina Mann and Elise Bour both agreed. Gift cards were purchased by Shirlina Mann and will be presented to Mrs. Warner.

October 18, 2022 10:00AM

Attendees: Lisa Glikbarg, Laura Gomez, Shirlina Mann, Elise Bour, Robert Carter

Fall Festival review:

Went well. Families seemed to really enjoy it. Turn out was great.

Needs improvement: Pizza distribution (possibly having names on each pizza box), start planning earlier, need a template of activities/games

Mr. Carter would like the PTO to invest in tables and extension cords. PTO agrees

Bulb update: We raised about $600 so far. Bulbs are in!

School is ready to move forward with after school actives.

Mr. Moss would like to do after school P.E Cost would be around $80/8 weeks. PTO would sponsor this as well as pay Mr. Moss. PTO possibly sponsor students who cannot afford after school P.E.

Mr. Carter would like us to recognize Bus Driver Appreciation Day tomorrow. He would like to provide each bus driver with a t-shirt, soda, and a bag of chips. Megan volunteered to assist in picking up these items for the bus drivers.

Need volunteers to help out with Picture Day. Elise Bour and Morgan Lebate.

Need to begin planning for teacher luncheons for the year.

Middleburg Parade: Need to confirm parking passes for bus(es). Need coordinator moving forward as Susan Strong will be stepping back from coordinating in the next year.

Google form needed for parent info, possible have PTO volunteer list to have filled out during parent/teacher conferences.

Consider purchasing sound system for school/PTO. Nothing was available to us for the Fall Festival.

Mr. Carter needs reimbursement for funds spent.

September 27, 2022

Attendees: Lisa Glikbarg, Laura Gomez, Shirlina Mann, Elise Bour, Mr. Carter

So far we have spent $50 (Middleburg Christmas Parade donation) + $230 on the Fall Festival

Around Thanksgiving we need to stock the pantry with snacks for teachers

We have $600 budgeted for the year towards the community

The PTO needs to switch our email address from yahoo to gmail, for more security.

The PTO needs to look at possibly getting a Venmo account to offer other payment and donation options for parents.(Venmo possibly has a free option for nonprofits)

We would like to offer new/updated Spirit wear. Look into possibly having this done at Middleburg t-shirt company. Possibly an online option, such as Cheers.

September 19, 2022

Attendees: Lisa Glikbarg, Shirlina Mann, Elise Bour, Stormy Ballard, Robert Carter

  • 2022-2023 PTO Board Election
    • Shirlina Mann nominated and confirmed by majority as Treasurer
    • Elise Bour nominated and confirmed by majority as Secretary